Transurban entered into a power purchasing agreement with Bango Wind Farm in NSW, pictured 

We build and operate roads that make getting from A to B quicker, safer and more fuel efficient. These benefits are why our customers choose to travel on our roads. But they’re not the only benefits our projects and roads deliver. We also put significant effort into minimising environmental impacts and maximising social benefits.

For example, we’re working to reduce our operational emissions, including by switching to (in Australia) 80% renewable energy and installing more energy-efficient lighting and other road components. We’ve also set high sustainability targets for our projects – across design, materials, waste, energy-use, public space creation and more. 
One way we can ensure our sustainability efforts are effective is by participating in investor-led sustainability benchmarking surveys. Some of our recent ratings include:

  • CDP climate change A-List 

For the first time, in 2022, we achieved the highest-possible score, an ‘A’, on our climate change CDP disclosure. CDP scored almost 15,000 companies’ climate change, deforestation and water security performance. We were among 297 companies who made the CDP’s A-List for our environmental transparency and reporting on climate change. You can read our 2022 Climate Change Disclosure here.

  • DJSI World Index

This index recognises its top 10% participating companies’ sustainability performance. DJSI currently ranks our performance at no. 6 globally in the transport and transport infrastructure sector. And our governance and economic, environmental and social performances were scored higher than the 90th percentile. Our scores also climbed across: corporate governance; supply chain management; information security; environmental policy and management; and corporate citizenship and philanthropy.

  • Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB)

This program assesses the sustainability performance of real estate and infrastructure portfolios, rating and scoring participating companies and funds based on ESG performance. We currently hold a 5-Star infrastructure rating. Our overall score of 95/100 makes us the second-highest rated of all publicly listed infrastructure companies.


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You can see the full list of ratings here.

Transurban entered into a power purchasing agreement with Bango Wind Farm in NSW, pictured.

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