Maintenance projects

We’re working towards safer, more efficient journeys for you and your community on Brisbane’s Linkt network.

Current projects

  • Gateway Motorway Pavement project

    The Gateway Motorway is getting a facelift between now and late 2019. During this time we’ll be replacing the top layer of road pavement on the motorway between Nudgee and Eight Mile Plains.

    The project involves placing a new road surface on the Gateway Motorway between Nudgee and Eight Mile Plains. The top layer of asphalt will be removed and replaced with new asphalt and new line markings.

    The result will be better-quality road surfaces – and safer, more efficient journeys for everyone.

    The works will be delivered in four sections:

    • Gateway Motorway northbound, between Logan Road and Port of Brisbane
    • Gateway Motorway northbound, between Moreton Drive and Southern Cross Way
    • Gateway Motorway southbound, between Southern Cross Way and Morton Drive
    • Gateway Motorway southbound, between Port of Brisbane and Logan Road.

    We expect each section will take about 12 weeks to complete.

    The whole project should be completed in late 2019. We’ll be working on each section progressively so some sections will be completed before others.

  • Roadside Tolling Upgrade project

    The Roadside Tolling Upgrade project involved the upgrade of tolling gantries and equipment at key locations along the Logan and Gateway motorways.

    Technology is constantly evolving and the project replaced the existing technology with a next generation system.

    As part of the project, 14 gantries will were replaced in the following key locations:

    Mainline gantries

    • Sir Leo Hielscher Bridges north and southbound, near Lytton Road, Murarrie
    • Kuraby north and southbound, near Compton Road
    • Loganlea east and westbound, near Loganlea Road
    • Heathwood east and westbound, near Stapylton Road.

    Ramp gantries

    • Paradise Road, Larapinta, eastbound on-ramp and westbound off-ramp
    • Loganlea westbound on-ramp and eastbound off-ramp, near Loganlea Road
    • Stapylton Road, Heathwood, eastbound on-ramp and westbound off-ramp.

    Construction commenced in April 2017 and was completed in late 2018.

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If you have any questions about these planned works, please get in touch.

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