At Transurban, Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) is part of our DNA. Our highest priority is ensuring our people and customers get home safely. We’re focused on providing a healthy and safe environment for our employees, contractors, customers and the community whilst minimising impacts to the environment.

HSE leadership and training

HSE is everyone’s responsibility. We ensure our leaders, employees and contractors exercise responsibility for HSE by providing them with the tools they need, whatever their role. We have systems to collect, investigate and report on incident data across our roads and projects, and take prompt and corrective action to eliminate the risk of further incidents.

HSE risk management

Knowing and understanding our HSE risks is integral to how we make decisions. We aim to eliminate or reduce risks that could cause injury or have an environmental impact on our roads and workplaces.

HSE key performance indicators (KPIs)

At Transurban, we have a number of HSE key performance indicators (KPIs) to help us to track our performance, evaluate our success and ensure that we are meeting our strategic goals. HSE KPIs also help us identify improvement initiatives. Some of our HSE KPIs include:

  • Road Injury Crash Index (RICI)
  • Recordable Injury Frequency Rate (RIFR) of both employees and contractors
  • HSE Leadership

Further information on our HSE focus is included in the Sustainability Report we produce each year.

You can also view our Health, Safety & Environment Policy online.