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Our approach to social licence and our social licence focus areas

Our purpose is to strengthen communities through transport.

To achieve this we work with all our stakeholders and we collaborate around three key focus areas:

  1. Empowering customers
  2. Championing road safety
  3. Strengthening communities

In line with our Social Licence Framework, we aim to operate our assets, do business, and pursue our strategic agenda in ways that are meaningful for our communities. And we help to build trust through genuine engagement and creating mutual benefit.


Aligning with our focus areas

We partner with organisations who share this commitment and support causes and initiatives that align with our focus areas. These areas matter to us and to our communities. They are also areas where we have the most knowledge and expertise, which lets us maximise our contribution. 

Our Social Investment Guidelines are aligned to our framework, and we look to support community programs and partnerships that deliver the same outcomes. (Read our eligibility criteria for partnerships and grants).

When we work collaboratively and combine our own expertise and strengths with our partners’, we create the most impact and the greatest benefit for all stakeholders.


Empowering customers

What we mean by ‘empowering customers’ is ensuring all customers have the information and support they need to manage their toll road use and account in ways that work for them.

Specifically, our focus is on:

  • Making it easy for customers to use our roads, manage their accounts, and make informed decisions about which roads to take
  • Delivering and demonstrating value through faster, safer, and more reliable travel
  • Doing the right thing though:
    • Providing best practice support to vulnerable customers
    • Helping customers reduce their emissions and travel more sustainably
    • Protecting customer privacy and data
    • Working with government on a more equitable pricing structure

Help connect your community with tolling support

When it comes to empowering our customers, it’s important we connect local community members with transparent, easy to understand information regarding:

  • use of our toll roads,
  • ways to pay, and
  • the relevant assistance available during tougher times.


We’ve developed a range of resources including key documents translated into easy English and common languages.

Share this information with your teams and networks:


Championing road safety

What we mean by 'championing road safety' is ensuring our roads are the safest they can be, and investing in partnerships and research to continually evolve and share advancements in road safety for wider community benefits.

Specifically, our focus is on:

  • Safer roads: designing, delivering, and operating Australia’s safest roads
  • Safer customers: reducing crashes (especially fatality and serious injury crashes), and partnering to help marginalised community members learn to drive
  • Safer communities: Sharing learnings through:
    • Cut-through campaigns and customer/community education
    • Investing in ground-breaking safety research and partnerships
    • Future-setting thought-leadership

Help spread the word about road safety


Strengthening communities

What we mean by ‘strengthening communities’ is investing in initiatives and partnerships that contribute to:

These initiatives include social investment, but go beyond this to also incorporate wider business initiatives and practices, including:

  • Sustainable places: integrated and sustainable transport solutions, partnerships to support our local environments, and sustainable procurement to reduce supply chain impacts
  • Inclusive communities: community partnerships, programs, and policies to support equitable access to transport, employment, education, and doing business with us
  • Liveable cities (planet): leveraging our infrastructure and community connections to deliver valued community legacy projects and events

We want to hear from small and under-represented businesses, including those owned by or supporting women, people with disabilities, the long-term unemployed, indigenous groups and social enterprises. Get in touch with our Social Procurement team today.

Help us invest in your community

Register your volunteering opportunities with us

Need volunteers for a one-off event or for ongoing opportunities? Our teams are always looking for ways to get involved and show their support.

Register your organisation’s opportunities so we can share these with our teams. Your community group or charity must be a listed as a not-for-profit organisation.


We’re part of your community, and it’s important for our employees to give back. That’s why we provide them with one paid day a year to volunteer for not for profits and causes that matter to them. In FY22 our employees donated over 900 hours of their time.

We have employees located in Greater Brisbane, Greater Sydney, and Greater Melbourne, as well as in North America (Greater Washington DC, USA and Montreal, Canada). 

Request asset lighting

Have an important cause you’d like to see up in lights?

Submit a request for our bridge or other roads assets to be lit up to support your cause.


Have feedback, need resources, or want to know more?

If you’d like to access any of the resources described here, or request additional support please reach out to our Social Licence team via email.